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The Business Agency Service is one of our specialties where we serve as sales agents for your company to promote your business to Japanese companies, using our locations and a wide range of networks in Japan.

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We do not just transalate but localize a product / servce for a Japanese market. We focus on convincing customers that why they should buy the product or service.

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A marketing strategy is a master key to success in any kind of business today. Even with an excellent product with a market sensitive price, without a sound strategy, you will fail to make sales.

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From just $50 USD a month you can have your business mailing address in Tokyo. Having the Business address in the capital of Japan represents a more professional and reliable image for your Business.

▼ Looking for experienced and energetic agents who act on behalf of your company in Japan?

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▼ Localizing your business products or services for the Japanese market is one of the major keys to success in sales.

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▼ Are you having a hard time in promoting your business to Japanese clients? We have several ways to increase publicity for your business.

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▼ Need a business mailing address in the capital of Japan for your Japanese clients? Fees start from only $50 per month.

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2022.12.26 Our office will be closed on starting from 27th December to 4th January.

2022.08.29 Our office will be closed on starting from 19th to 23rd September due to In-house training.

2022.08.01 Our office will be closed on 9th September 2022.

2021.08.22 Our website is currently under maintenance. We are expecting to complete it by 26th August.

Welcome to SanYu

Whether you are thinking about launching a business, in the process of starting your business or looking for innovative ways of growing your business in Japan, we surely can help you. SanYu, a leading marketing and localizing agency in Tokyo, has been recognized locally and internationally as a role model for business agency. We have supported the launch and growth of many businesses in diverse fields since opening our doors in 2006 with the mandate of nurturing the growth of new and emerging businesses.

SanYu has a large variety of services to fulfill your business needs in order to enhance the quality of your business. We believe that future-focused strategic managements and optimized business systems are keys to sustainable growth and profitability which lead to the success of any business today. We also emphasize an ongoing follow-up to help you maintain the focus required to build on your successes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your business opportunity.

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