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the importance of seo in japanese

 Ranking high in Google search engine is highly important to increase website publicity since Yahoo Japan (The biggest Japanese search engine) started to use the Google Japan's search engine. Before Yahoo Japan switched their own search engine called YST (Yahoo Search Technology) to Google search engine, SEO analysts and web developers used to focus on optimizing websites for YST (Until November 2010).  So there are still many websites built before that happened which have not been optimized for the Google search engine.

 The Google algorithm is much harder to analyze for optimizing websites because Google changes their algorithm of the search engine a few times in a year to maintain the searching quality. So your Japanese website needs constant care to keep 1st-page positions in the Google search engine. If you have a Japanese website that is having a trouble with its publicity, please do not hesitate to contact us today!!

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 e-Traffic Management is not just typical corporation SEO services. We offer both internal and external SEO services and, on top of that we offer Content-Management service to maximize the effects of SEO.
At the beginning of February 2013, Google had made a big change in their algorithm and this change affected the entire strategy of SEO. Before the change was made, one of the effective SEO methods was to post thousands of external links on other blogs, forums and websites. (Yes, there are still many SEO companies using this method)
However this SEO strategy no longer works at all if you do not correctly choose where to put the external links. In addition to that, Google might even remove your website from their search engine results.

 We do not use any unapproved SEO method that could lead to removal. Instead, we optimize the contents of your website and post external links on safe and effective places.


■ Keywords (associated keywords)
■ Regions (access locations)
■ Sources (types of browsers & medium)

Every Search engine especially Google uses their own algorithm and this is always changing to maintain its searching quality. We will analyze and adjust your website to meet new changes.
Our SEO is to gradually increase the traffic of prospective customers instead of posting many links to other websites. We focus on optimizing internal contents and codes of your website.
In order to maximize the effects of SEM, it is first necessary to optimize your website for choosing keywords to attract more visitors to your website. (Cost per Click Advertisement)