catalogs in japanese, pamphlets in japanese

localizing catalogs or pamphlets into japanese is one of specialities

Print is still one of powerful tools to attract customers

 Although many print designers give high priority to visual design, this could be one of the common factors which lead to failure. Because they tend to focus on visual impact rather than flow and content, somehow the importance of delivering the message to readers is neglected.
 We always start by understanding a product or service and define its goal and targets before getting into the localizing and designing process. Because we believe that flow and content are much more important than visual design. Therefore our goals are set to attract and promote readers to buy your product or service.

the main purpose of use of the localized pamphlets or catalogs.

How and where do you plan to use the localized catalogs or pamphlets?

  • for japanese exhibitions
  • for japanese meetings
  • for japanese dm
  • for requests