localize into Japanese

We won't just translate word to word but localize them into Japanese to approach a targeted group of prospective customers more effectively.

 In general, there are two types of translations that are used around the world to communicate with others who practice different languages and customs. One of them is to translate text or content into another language without changing its meaning. This skill is often used for translating content that you wish to retain its meaning such as medical articles, legal documents, or educational textbooks.
The other way is to adapt a product or service to a specific region and not to translate word for word. This process is called localization and almost all new products and services from overseas must be localized (colloquialized) in order to introduce them to the Japanese market.

 We highly value and specialize in localization because we believe that the professionally localized product can make a big difference in sales. Our localization begins by learning a product or service and then analyzing the targeted group of your prospective customer.

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