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We will find you the business partners, factories or distributors that meet your business terms and requests within and out of our network.

 There are several major ways to expand or start a new business and one of the ways is having a business relationship with another company from overseas. There are great opportunities to gain a large profit; however, there is always a risk. Because a company you are looking to do business with is located in another country, information about that company is difficult to obtain and communication is maybe limited. The less information you have, the higher chance of risk for little or no profit.
 SanYu will find several suitable companies based on your requests for a stable and reliable company, and we will negotiate for you. Our research team has conducted extensive research in different fields. Business Mediation is our specialty. We have satisfied many customers with services that fit their needs.

 Please contact us for more information about our Business Mediation.

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Not only will our agents find the best matched company for your business but
also we will provide various services to assist you during and after a contact.

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