what is sekaiten (世界店) is the E-Commerce Website where you can directly promote and sell unique and original products to Japanese consumers. Unlike any other Japanese online shopping mall, we not only provide full Japanese customer services but also take care of orders, payments and deliveries for you. You do not even need to make a product page in Japanese because we will localize your product and make the page for you. In addition to that we constantly promote on magazines, blogs, websites and other media to increase traffic to your shopping pages. So all you have to do is to make sure that you are not running out of stock in our warehouse.

how sekaiten works

 This is ideal for businesses like manufacturers and small business owners which have few outlets in the Japanese market and are looking to expand their business without using local distributors. Our service fees are based on sales commissions plus logistic fees. So if there are no sales, no commission fees will be charged.
We believe that the consignment sale is the fastest way to introduce new, innovative and unique products to a new market.

japanese online store is a place where people who appreciate what is fine, unique and rare come to shop for hard-to-find and high quality products around the world. We are against the price competition and mass-produced products, therefore no more than 2 shops can carry the same product on

- COMING SOON - is a shopping website where people who live outside of Japan have opportunity to purchase limited products, hard-to-find products and made-in-Japan quality products.